NTLK Palm compatible engine... Yikes!!!

From: Drew Loker (lokerd@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 00:06:16 EST

Man, I never thought I would write something like this. But my company just
pulled a fast one (last week). If it weren't for my company software, I
would still be using a Mac, gleefully! They forced me into buying my first
PC, and I was a devout Mac user, believe me. I went from 3 Macs and a long
history of Macs to 2 Macs, one PC, to 3 PCs and no Macs!! Boo Hoo!

Now, they just released a "QuickQuote" package for the Palm to use out in
the field. There is NO way I am going to buy a Palm just to be able to do a
quote!! After all, I do have one of the smallest laptops on the market (Sony
505), that I bought specifically because my first PC Laptop was like a
cinder block, and I wouldn't carry it with me. THe Sony is not much bigger
than my Newton, sort of. So, it is not critical, but I was sure impressed
with the software, although the Palm sucked, particulary having to write in
that pathetic little box.

Sorry for the stupidest question so far for 2000! Just being hopeful!

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