Re: NTLK NCU and windows and Newt serial

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 09:46:14 EST

Todd Huish wrote:

> OK, who saw this one coming? I finaly got NCU (thanks to all who showed me
> the links) and a cable (Part 75967 Mac to PC serial cable from CDW as
> evinced by the Apple serial connection page on the net. BTW has anyone else
> got this cable to work?) I have a recently Hard Reset MP2000 OS v2.1
> (717041) with NCU for windows v1.0. All the pieces are here and they just
> won't talk to each other. I tried all the baud speeds in the Newton Dock
> window. Nada. I tried different COM ports on the PC. No. I attached a
> serial cable tester to this conncoction and ended up with some odd data.
> When I hoock up the lines TD, RTS and DTR are lit up red. When I start NCU
> DTR goes green. When I attempt to connect from the newton DSR goes green
> and RD starts to blink about once a second. Then the whole thing falls
> apart. I get a "the connection was stopped becasue there was no response"
> My knowlege of Serial connectivity is a little sketchy but these lights
> just don't seem right to me. In the archives I saw some reference to
> slowing down my PC to talk to the Newton but it seemed to be after the
> connection that that problem cropped up. Is there some odd setting of Bits,
> parityand stop bits I need to set on the PC?


I'm using a Mac at home but when we had to go from OpenStep to NT at work, I
brought the PC serial cable that came with my 2100. I successfully connected
many times to 2 different computers running NT 4. I've never had to set any bit
parity, or odd things like that. I'm even running at 57600 with the help of a
nice little package on the Newt and some Windows registry tweaking. I would
suspect your cable is not good, much like it seems you suspect.

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