Re: NTLK Re: ICQ for Newton

From: Sam Powell (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 16:23:30 EST

> Hi,

> For anyone who's watching, I finished the server portion of the NewtCQ
> package last night. The Newt connects to it, just have to whip up an
> interface. :)

By that you mean the server communication part of it? Or do you hae to have
a server runnin on a machine somewhere?

> It connects, sends, receives normal ICQ messages, & indicates
> online/offline/status.

Urmmmm, WOW! I didnt know it was in such fast development!

> One cool benefit of not using the officially sanctioned ICQ client is that
> you can add people to your contact list without them knowing/authorizing
> you to!

Very kewl!

> BTW, this package will be *free*

Excelent, when I have some cash I may even *donate* money!
(Ill have to get a newt modem first :-)

Are you writing this using NewtonScript? Can u advise a tutorial
to the language?

ICQ: 10061444

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