Re: NTLK Newton 2100 Battery

Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 17:18:51 EST

> The best strategy I have come up with is to buy a brick of 40 AA batteries
> for $12.99 (no brand) this usually lasts me 6 months. It seems a terrible
> waste on the environment, but it is economical. I have also called my
> local
> government and found that there is a toxic waste disposal program for old
> batteries. I buy 40 batteries every 6 months, and dump off a bucket of
> batteries once a year. It's economically and environmentally responsible.

40 batteries every six months, no matter how you dispose of them, is not
environmentally responsible. While sending them to a proper toxic waste
disposal place is a very good idea, they're still toxic waste and
disposing of that in any way is not good for the environment. Producing
those batteries has a pretty big impact as well.

Just get yourself a rechargeable pack and save yoursellf some money, and a
lot of needless waste as well? While there are definitely better and
worse ways of dealing with 80 batteries a year in the trash, there are
still no _good_ ways...


(whose mp2k has lasted 3 years on its NiMH pack, which is beginning to
show some signs of wear now...)

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