Re: NTLK Bring back the Newton?

From: Judy Perry (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 17:28:08 EST

Paul said:

<<You all remember that $100 million dollars that Apple got from
Microsoft? Microsoft pledged to continue supporting the Mac. Where would
the world be with out IE and Word? It is not hard to imagine that what
the Microsoft got was the death of the Newton out of the deal. Can anyone
think of another technology that has been so totally "buried alive" in
the 90s?>>

I am new to this list but couldn't help respond to this one -- The other
great technology that got 'buried alive' (knife the baby, perhaps?) was
Hypercard, an inspiration for the development of the web and Microsoft's

But now that I'm here, I am wondering if/how Newton OS2 can be installed
on my OS1.3 for my MP120 (hot off ebay...)? All I have is the MP itself
and charger -- no manuals and no clues.

Many thanks,

Judy Perry

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