Re: NTLK MiniDisc Titiling Software

From: Till (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 19:51:37 EST

Oz wrote:
>Your eM@il from on 1/1/00 8:16 PM said this:
>>Anyone seen software that could be configured to control a MiniDisc
>>recorder for titiling purposes? I have a Sony deck and would love to use
>>the Newt for titiling the tracks..
>>Mark Jeffries
>Oooh! Tell me about it!
>Titling with the dial or the remote can be a nerve wracker!
>There's a Mac/USB one out there, but not a Newton one that I know of.
>Anyone else?
What is the name of this software and where can I get it? What hardware
does it need (besides a USB port), and what MD recorders can it control?
Thanks for your help!


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