Re: NTLK Newton an Iomega Clik! ?

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 05:36:33 EST schrieb:
> I work for the publisher of a pc magazin. we get the new iomega
> clik!-pccard drive for testing. i try to run it on the newton but it dosn't run.
> anyone know how i can get it running? i think i need to formate the clik! disk
> but how?
The Click! is definitely an ATA device and the Newton can handle only
linear storage media. Its a difference in the protocol and may be in the
hardware too. So no chance, forget it at all. But to be absolutely sure
you should try to insert the Click! card with inserted media with opened
Prefs slip. Upon that attempt you'll get the unconditional formatting of
a storage card and you should see just another error message...


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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