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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 20:19:36 EST

>Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 18:57:00 -0600
>From: Pete Nalda <lpnalda@bga.com>
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>Subject: Screen Scratches
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>I have some wear on my screen where the pen wants to hang sometimes. Any
>way I can smooth this out?
>Louie Pierre "Pete" Nalda lpnalda@bga.com

You can try a product designed for fixing scratches on CD ROMs. This
will probably work on a Newton screen although I've never tried it. My
advice is to use it on only a small portion of the scratch and see if it
doesn't affect HWR before committing the rest of the scratches to it.
You can find it at: <http://www.aclstaticide.com> and look for product #
#8062 - CD Scratch Repair Kit under computer and office cleaning
products. If you do try this, please report back to the group so we know
how it went. To prevent this in the future, use a screen protector!

Mark Ross

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