NTLK HELP: NCU Backup Problems

From: T.M. Camp (tmcamp@fusionary.com)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 09:47:03 EST

For some odd reason, I am unable to complete a backup to my desktop machine
either by AppleTalk or Serial connection. I get about five seconds into a
new backup (System Information) and then it crashes with a Type -1 error on
the desktop machine and a disconenct on the Newton.

The almost immediate crash tells me it's a problem with whatever is being
backed up first, the System Information. But SBM utilities gives me a clean
bill of health.

The problem exists with my eMate and my MP2K.

I've tried reinstalling NCU
I've done a hard reset and reinstalled apps and data piece by piece
I've tried bumping the memory requirements to ridiculous amounts
I've used SBM cleaner/doctor utilities to check for corruption, nothing gets
I've tried serial and appletalk connections
I've tried backing up to two different machines -- desktop and laptop

Nothing seems to work.

I can do a backup to my storage card -- but I want to keep the backup on my
hard drive for safe(r) keeping, and also preserve space on the card.

Any ideas?

T.M. Camp
   Fusionary Media tmcamp@fusionary.com
   Grand Rapids, MI 616.454.2357 voice

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