Re: NTLK Free website to provide reading POP3 email?

From: Shane Hill (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 11:05:07 EST

G'Day All,

I have been using FreeWWWeb for about 3 months now. They are a FREE internet
service provider (ISP) that supports POP3, SMTP and News. All three work
great on my Newton 130. They also have heaps of access numbers accross the
USA. Their web address is:

To get instant access, the following page has instruction on how to create
an account online:

Ther service is 100% FREE, even though the address above mentions pricing.
If you just want the POP3 and SMTP service only. Just register at the above
address, but use your own ISP to connect to the pop3 and smtp server.

Here is my modem setup for the ISP service:

        Link Protocol: PPP
        Newton's IP: Dynamic
        Gateway IP: Dynamic
        Name Server:
        Domain: Not required, use "." say.
        Login Script:
        Wait for: ":"
        Send User Name
        Send: carriage return
        Wait for: "word:"
        Send Password
        Timeout: 60 sec

        Service Setups:

Have Fun !!

Shane Hill

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