From: Bill Moser (guillermo1967@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 15:56:32 EST

>On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Bill Moser wrote:
>>I think there's very little chance that this would happen. It is much more
>>likely (and I think far more productive for anyone wanting to revive the
>>technology) that Apple will use some of the better unique features of the
>>Newton on a PalmOS based device.

>_why_ base it on a PalmOS device? (snip excellent technical argument with
>no acknowledgement of marketing reality)

First off, I agree completely that the Newton OS has some really good
features that make it better than the Palm OS. However, the bottom line is
that Steve Jobs is, from the Mac press reports, much more enamored with the
Palm devices. And at this point and time, what the CEO of Apple Computer
wants is apparently what Apple will try to do.

This is my opinion, of course, but I follow Mac news sites pretty closely
and Jobs has expressed interest time and again in the Palm line. I've never
heard a mention of restoring the Newton. The reality is that Apple is still
breathing because they woke up, realized they were involved in way too many
projects and cut back to their core business. Sustaining a peripheral OS
that is not a subset of Mac OS X is pretty unlikely to happen, IMHO.

I think it's far more _realistic_ to try to draw Jobs' attention to the fact
that he's sitting on a gold mine of code that would make other,
well-established PDAs much better if they were developed as independent
applications for those platforms.

Bill M.
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