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From: James L. Johnson Jr. (jimjohnson@mac.com)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 20:15:09 EST


It feels wierd to be sending mail to the list from something besides my
trusty UMP2K, but here goes:

I spoke with Michelle Delio from WIRED today via email regarding a WIRED
story about Apple ignoring handhelds and how (that alone) will kill
their newfound momentum (yeah, right). Her story sounded an awful lot
like TheRegister, and I challenged her on it. She claims her research
was independent from TheRegister, although she admitted that they could
have spoken with the same people...

Supposedly, according to the unnamed Taiwanese source, some sort of
Apple/Palm hybrid product will ship this Spring. In light of Xircom's
announcement today of a wireless module for the Handspring variant of
the Palm, I'd say that seems all the more likely.

Hey. I've been wrong before...




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