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From: Michael J. Franclemont (mf090@cvip.fresno.com)
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 17:20:50 EST

The unix SGI's are still under manufacture and development for the
high end. They're not going anywhere. I've heard that SGI plan's to
scrap the NT machines soon, which makes sense. Having their
proprietary graphics bus just isn't worth sacrificing the OS. Gimme a
G4 that costs me less than an SGI with an SGI's throughput and stop
holding back true multitasking so I can actually take full advantage
of the G4 processor(s) and I'm buying. But, this is really the topic
of another mailing list.

I just brought up SGI's to support two points. Steve Jobs is not
Steve God, and Apple computers are slightly better than some, but not
quite best.

Apple computer sits in a position where they could easily be first to
market with a quantum leap in technology again with portables and
Desktops at an affordable price. I expect them to. That is why I
faithfully support Apple. I don't understand why Apple just doesn't
get it done. If they do not, they open the door for someone else.
Business decisions should not hold back progress.

Apple Computer: If you're reading... I would like to help you by
discussing my ideas with you in greater detail. You all have my email

Newtontalk: So what's next?

>At 12:25 AM 01/13/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>>an IRIX SGI or for
>>that matter engineer my own machine (given the resources) over both.
>Um no. Go for a sun. The SGIs are intel based now.

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