From: Bill Davis (newton@ecity.net)
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 22:57:56 EST

On 1/14/2000 4:07 PM, Keith Isley [mailto:kisley@dwx.com] wrote:

>It should be noted that Apple's handwriting recognition technology
>(Rosetta - the later one, not the ParaGraph engine) was written in machine
>independent code and could (theoretically) be adapted to a non-Newton
>device. I learned this about a month ago from a series of discussion
>authored by a former Newton engineer. Don't remember the URL, but it sounded
>Anyone else know anything about this?

Wouldn't surprise me. I saw Apple demo an internally developed HWR
engine in about 1990 or 91 at their annual World Wide Developers
Conference in San Jose, on their Advanced Technology Group demo night.

It was running on a Mac, not a Newton (it was years before Newton) and it
even work with non-modified Mac apps. It even supported editing gestures
for delete, etc. They demoed it using an unmodified copy of MacWrite
Pro. It was very slick.

Never shipped it for a Mac, but I feel sure it had something to do with
the recognizer in NewtonOS 2.0. Pity, I'd always hoped for a portable
Mac sort of like the Vadem Clio slate-style WinCE unit, but running MacOS
and with HWR.

 - Bill

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