Re: NTLK Message to recharge batteries... Delay??

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 02:39:16 EST

I am getting frustrated with the message about needing to recharge
batteries. It comes up too soon and way to often.

  I was trying to run down the battery, thinking that eventually it would
shut down, but it never did. I know that eventually it would just power off,
but it was taking for ever, I mean like a several hours of intermittent use
later, it was still working just fine, but the messages kept coming on every
few minutes. I had even set the system to not turn itself off. Is there
anyway to change how soon the battery warning comes on?
Certainly. Use SBM's freeware Options. It allows you to change the battery low warning's default setting of 18% (I think). If you use a modem, your Newt could just power off even when there's still 16% juice left. If you don't have a modem, a good setting would be 12% depending on the condition of your rechargeables.

Get it at < >

Kenny Song
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