Re: NTLK Thawing an entire set with one click??

From: Ray Kloss (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 09:15:32 EST

On 1/16/00, Kenny Song said:
>What is the best option for thawing a set of packages all at one time when
>one item is launched. Specifically, there are 16 modules with The Message
>(the Bible RSV and KJV). I really only need this to be open on certain days
>of the week, and really dont want all of the separate extension books
>installed the rest of the time. I recall something that allowed you to name
>a set, but cant remember what it was, or whether it worked with Newt 2000.

>I use Dan Rowley's Gesture Launch for this. It is easy to set the
>script for set Freeze/Thaws. There is another package that does this
>as well but off hand, I can't remember.

NewtCase does this very well and easily.

Ray Kloss

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