Re: NTLK Upgrade path for our Newtons! (Was Bring Back Newton)

From: Jodine Chase (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 20:42:40 EST

> From: Donna Dolezal Zelzer <>
> At 6:40 AM +0000 1/16/2000, Drew Loker spoke thusly:
>> I have learned a lot from you guys (do we have any female Newton
>> users on the list here?
> Yes we do! I've had my Newton (2100) for a bit over two years, and
> use it daily for many different things, both personal and work
> related. I also read this list daily, but am usually too busy to
> post.
> Donna

I use my Newton MP 2000 upgraded to 2100 daily, read the list routinely, and
post very occasionally.

-- Jodine Chase

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