NTLK HTTP to FTP Project Back Underway - We Need Your Help!

From: Stacey Tenen (sysop@newted.dyndns.org)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 17:12:25 EST

Hello Everyone!

The call is going out for any and all of you out there who would love
to make your mark on the Newton and Newted Communities! This is your
opportunity to give something special back to everyone out there
using a Messagepad to benefit from your knowledge of the programs
found in our archives.

The goal of the project is manyfold - here are the highlights:

1] We aim to make every package written for the Newton available
through a browser interface - meaning someone can click on a link and
have the package of their choice downloaded directly to their Newton
using Newtscape or NetHopper.

2] We intend to accompany every package with a detailed description
of it's use and personal experiences of other Newton users out there.

An example: For me, Richard C. Li's -10061 patches are invaluable but
I've found that the 0.5 package works best for my Newton 2100 rather
than 0.6. This patch should be applied to any 4MB Newton 2.X device
that uses a storage card of more than 4MB. It re-caches the packages
on the Newton periodically in order to prevent the dreaded -10061

3] We intend the interface to the FTP archives to be streamlined for
very quick and easy browsing from a Newton connected to the net at
14.4kbps or 28.8kbps.

Why do we need your help? The Newted Community is home to more than
640MB worth of Newton software encompassing thousands of software
titles - some new, some old. No matter how much of a guru you are,
there's no way that one person has total knowledge of all of the
titles, and there's no way that anyone has the time to properly
annotate them, much less created the pages to serve them. My point?
We need tens of hundreds of volunteers to make the project manageable.

Here's the deal - we ask that everyone evaluate the time you can
devote to doing this - and send me an email about which folder or
folders in the FTP archive you feel most comfortable working. If
you're a game guru, I expect that you'll want to start in on the
games folder and work your way out. Don't sign up for a folder that
wouldn't interest you in the slightest (that'll probably be my job
<groan>). Once you've picked a folder, take a look at what's there
and give a comfortable estimate of just how long you might need to
accomplish the description of the packages there (this may involve
loading a package and trying it to see what it does). I'll work with
you on the details that we'll need to make the process faster and
easier for both you, and myself (trying to tie together the
information and designing the pages).

Each and every person who contributes to the project will get
personal recognition for his/her accomplishments - we'll be posting
updates regularly on the progress and be designing a giveaway or two
(with cool Newton accessories) to those members that contribute the

This is an opportunity for everyone to make themselves a great part
of a great community of users... I hope every single person at Newted
sees fit to help everyone else out with this.

Please email me as soon as possible if you wish to join the effort -
folders will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis so if
you're really into business apps or games or anything else, make sure
you get in early to avoid being shut out of that folder.

Thanks Much,
Stacey Tenen
Sysop of the Newted Community
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