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Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 06:29:17 EST

Well o'brien may be good name but when you were a buacal going to scoil how
many welts did you get when you did not perform from the peun agus duc
properly. Manx by the way is coruption of the ancient gaelic. It is spoken
by group of people who live on a island in the Irish sea which was formed
by a cod of earth trowm at a scots giant by Finn McCuall the most famous
Irish giant. By te why the place where the earth was removed is now the
largest lake in the Emerald isle I trust that is suufficient history for
you all. By the way this all Dr Newton's fault. I sent my newt to USA vua
friend who sent to Dr Newton who upgraded it and senr to my daughter in MO
USA who gave to a friend who brought it back. It waspicked up at Bangkok
airport at 2 am. By the way was ir an Irish man who made the first Newton?

Yours because He lives

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