NTLK Viewing e-mail directly to ICS txt editor? Batteries low on Memory card?

From: Sebastian Kox (basjuh@worldonline.nl)
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 11:53:46 EST

Dear NewtonTalk members,

when I receive large e-mails (>60k), I always have to wait long (some
minutes) to view
them in my in/out box, and then scrolling through such e-mail's is
just to slow. That's
why I prefer to use the now free ICS text editor, so I can view and
scroll smoothly though
such large e-mail's. But, the problem with this is you still have to
load the e-mail's
(wait...wait...wait..) and then only after you loaded the e-mail to
the in/out viewer you
can switch with the "show" button to ICS text editor. My question is;
is there a way to
show an e-mail (received with simplemail 3.3) directly in ICS text
editor? This sure would
save much loading time. Any suggestions? Or should I use another e-mail client?

Now, another thing occurred to me; sometimes when I power on my mp2k,
there's a message
that the battery on my memory card is low, and that I should replace
it or I will lose data.
The card I own is a 4 mb flash memory card, I can't notice any brand
name on it, neither
can I find out where to place the battery that should be replaced.
Will this memory card
become unusefull, or is there something I could do?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sebastian Kox.

Perplex! nieuwe media, Arnhem, The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)26-3513860
fax. +31 (0)26-3702618
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