NTLK NewtWorks Draw not working correctly???

From: Drew Loker (lokerd@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 14:19:56 EST

Well, it seems that when I did a Complete Brain Wipe this weekend, because I
was a moron and crashed my Newton (which I just learned from an earlier note
that I could have tried reinstalling just the system info, before giving up
and erasing the entire data), NewtWorks Draw seems to work now. OOOpppss.
Maybe I am wrong. I just found out that I have not reinstalled Works from
this weekend. Maybe it isn't working correctly, but because Works is not
installed, NewtWorks Draw is not attempting to load. Hmmm. I will have to
check that out tonight. SOrry or adding to the confusion.

>I am getting the same type of error message when on restarts with
<I have a 2000 with upgrade. Any body get an idea?

>Drew said"
>>>it could be creating. Is there a version that works with 2.1?
>Bill said:
>>NewtWorks Draw ONLY work with OS2.1, i.e. on 2x00's and eMates.
>>What model Newton are you using?
>I am using 2.1 (2000->2100), with the latest system upgrade, etc. I was
>thinking maybe I have an older version. At least you settle whether I might
>have an older, buggy, non 2.1 version.

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