RE: NTLK What Kind Of Flash Memory Does Newton Take?

From: Jon Shurtleff (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 18:08:17 EST

I had a problem when I first got my 32Mb card - also a Pretec - that it
seemed like it would not load more than about 24 or 28Mb - I don't remember
which - I thought maybe it was a limit on what the Newton could address
since there was a big debate at the time on what the TRUE maximum card size
was for the Newton. Since I didn't absolutely need the whole space I didn't
worry about it too much, except for the extra money I though I might have
flushed. But several months ago when I put in my PIX accelerator I decided
to start from scratch and formatted the Newton and the card and reloaded
everything and then just kept loading and loading and loading. Now it holds
a full 32Mb. I don't think this has anything to do with the PIX. I can't
explain it. Which type of Pretec card do you have? They sell two. But my
32 and my 24 are one of each of theirs and I can load both up to the max. I
wonder if you card is just defective. Maybe you can get them to replace it.

The only storage related problem I have is that every couple of months I get
a problem where the machine tells me that I'm out of storage space on my
internal store even though there is gobs of space still being reported.
This happened most recently about a week or so ago when there was about 1750
bytes used and about the same free on the internal store. I store
everything by default on the card so I'm not sure what ends up causing this
condition. I end up fixing this by making a backup onto a 4Mb card and then
doing a brainwipe and then restoring again. I use SBM utilities for this.
It works perfectly. I get back exactly to where I left off except that the
icons for the built-in apps always end up back in the root of the extras
drawer rather than where I tucked them away. I figure this might be because
of fragmentation of the space on the internal store? If anyone has an
explanation I'd be really interested in it.



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From: Michael Neville []
Sent: Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2000 07:00
Subject: RE: NTLK What Kind Of Flash Memory Does Newton Take?

I recently purchased a Pretec 32MB card and have NEVER been able to use more
than half of the space on it. The Newton freezes after loading ANY package
at a certain point and no matter what I do it freezes initializing the last
package after rebooting. Once I remove ANY package it will init. all pkgs
fine. Is it possible the internal memory needs a certain amount of space to
init. each package? I'm totally at a loss here. I've backed-up and restored
sooooooo many times and the same result EVERY time. Thanks for any replies.

-Michael Neville

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