NTLK 130's vs Pilots

From: kevinbishop@home.com
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 01:53:00 EST

Just joined the list and thought this would be an appropriate topic
to jump in on....

I was a Newton owner since the OMP... Upgraded it to a 100,
eventually sold it and got a 120... Decided I *had* to have
backlighting, so sold the 120 and bought a 130...

When Apple got rid of Newton, I got rid of the 130... Figured it was
time to use a Pilot, since everyone I knew had one and raved about

Been using a Pilot since, and have bitched about it every time I use
it... I hate Graffiti, hate the small screen, and hate that it isn't
anywhere close in functionality to a MessagePad!

So, when a friend called up the other week and was asking for advice
on which Pilot to buy, I ended up selling him mine and buying a

Outdated/obsolete/ or whatever - a Newton does what I want and I have
no intention of following "trends" again as long as it works...

Then again, I only got rid of my 1982 Diesel Jetta last year when it
finally gave up the ghost! :-)

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