Re: NTLK Ntlk Charging a 2100

From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 19:41:55 EST


>I have a dire need to charge my 2100, however I left my charger at work, I
>have tried using a MP120 charger which gives the 2100 7.0 volts. However the
>screen is not responding to touch, could this be related to the fact that
>the Newton is not getting the full 7.5 or is it possible my screen has died.

I have been using the charger which came with my MP120 (as I had 2 of
them, and only passed the MP120 on with one) on my MP2100 for the
last 2 years with no ill effects. It will not charge as fast as the
9V charger but will otherwise work and keep your MP2100 ticking. My
battery pack still holds at least 2 weeks daily use charge, I have
not tried for how long I can use the Newt continuously - but I think
it's about ... if not longer ;)
The reason for your Newton not switching on must be another. Try
removing the rechargeable pack all together and try to just run it of
the power adaptor.

Best regards,

Chris Ruprecht *
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