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From: Jon Harahush (rigby@ptdprolog.net)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 22:38:11 EST


I just bought a MessagePad 100 via eBay. While waiting for it to
arrive, what kind of software can i download to work with it? All I
want it to do is to be an assignment notepad type thing for school
although I'm sure it can do much more. I've never owned a Newton
before so I'm completely clueless. Also, it doesn't come with any
disks, so which version of the Newton Connection Utilities do i need?
or do i need that at all? Thanks for the help already.

I guess just a little about myself.. I'm a senior in high school and
I'm going to attend Penn State University this summer. (yay.. summer
session.. ) I live in Pottsville, PA. Is there anyone here who lives
near me? Anyways, I use Macs and I'm familiar with a lot of the
different models but when it comes to the Apple Newton, again, I'm


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