Re: NTLK How to get a card recognized

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 03:08:32 EST

On 1/20/2000 11:50 AM, Grant Dawson [] wrote:

>My MessagePad 2100 will not recognize my new memory card. It just says,
>"No card inserted." This is the same in either slot. I have restarted
>and even done a hard reset with the card removed, but no luck.
>Any suggestions?

Is that one of the Intel cards from Paul Braham? Is this the
replacement card he was going to send you or the original one you got
that was/went bad?

The card Paul sent me for evaluation works fine in my Newton 2100. It's
been in there for 2-3 weeks and I've copied stuff (books) back and forth
to it several times as a test and so I could try it out in my PowerBook
G3's PCMCIA slots. Lots of other folks have ordered cards from him with
no other problem reports yet.

Do you have any OTHER cards that work OK? In both slots? Can you try the
card in some other computer with PCMCIA slots?

Finally, try opening the Prefs application in the Extras drawer and
inserting the card.

If that doesn't help, you either have a broken card or a broken Newton.
If the replacement card he sent you is what's not working, I'd lean
towards a broken Newton, unless you have other cards that DO work in both

Examine the holes for pins on the card(s) you have AND use a flashlight
to look at the pins INSIDE the newton. Perhaps one is bent or broken off
inside, or in one of the card's pin holes.

Let me know what happens!


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