Re: NTLK Charger for MP130

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 03:11:51 EST

On 1/20/2000 6:19 PM, Chris Ruprecht [] wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm contemplating buying 10 of these MP130s on offer ... but they do
>not come with power supplies. Can I use any 7.5 V powersupply I can
>get far a few $ at Radio Shack or do I need something special?
>Best regards,

I wouldn't. I've blown up hardware using those damn things. Too easy to
mis-set or BUMP the switches that control voltage or polarity and ZAP,
fried gadget.

Get the Apple ones.

NewtonOz (in the Newton Mall on This Old Newt, http://members. may have them, and I KNOW Small Dog Electronics
( has 9 in stock for $39 each, brand new (I was just
there buying a bunch of eMate styluses; they have THOUSANDS, and sell a
set of 24 (yes TWENTY FOUR) multicolored ones for $7 and they also sell
six eMate standard (green?) ones for $9.00). Just search for Newton (for
the charger) or eMate (for the styluses). Or search for MessagePad.
They have quite a bit of Newton goodies in stock at the moment, I see.
Especially stylues. Thousand and thousands and thousands of 'em!

 - Bill

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