Re: NTLK To Protect or Not To Protect

Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 05:32:46 EST

  I wouldn't even dream of unziping without a raincoat
  I've been using WriteRights for about a year since I've got a 12 pack. I
can make them last up to three months if I'm feeling cheap but I'd rather use
a new one every month as they obscure the screen as they get scratched and my
over fourty eyesare seeing things smaller.
  I'm not too crazy about installing them because if I don't get it right the
 first time pulling it off to realign it makes it look a little fogy and the
adheasive back is also prone to picking up and holding contaminants if your
not carefull or not working in a clean enviroment it gives best results the
and it isn't easy chasing out the bubbles, but with protection on the screen
I have no qualms about anyone play with it or opening the case at the beach.
  I'm a handy man and can now use it to take notes on a job with no worries
about sheetrock or any other kind of dust.


In a message dated 1/19/00 12:15:44 AM, writes:

<< >I reccommend Concept Kitchen. Inexpensive. Durable. Good peace of mind
knowing it's less likely
>I'll scratch the screen. My only complaint is the difficulty of installation
-- but nobody's perfect.

I'm with you. I've been driven to frustration installing WriteRights on more
than one occasion, but I still prefer them to the NuShields. I think I've had
the same WriteRight on my MessagePad for nearly a's a bit worn,
more so in some spots than others, but it doesn't interfere with screen
visibility at all. >>

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