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From: Brian McEwen (bmcewen@cowboy.net)
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 09:58:11 EST

>From: Jon Harahush <rigby@ptdprolog.net>
>I just bought a MessagePad 100 via eBay. While waiting for it to
>arrive, what kind of software can i download to work with it? All I
>want it to do is to be an assignment notepad type thing for school
>although I'm sure it can do much more. I've never owned a Newton
>before so I'm completely clueless. Also, it doesn't come with any
>disks, so which version of the Newton Connection Utilities do i need?
>or do i need that at all? Thanks for the help already.

The best FAQ for the older Newton that you have is located at the MIchigan
State Newton Users Group page, see:

and look for the "OLD" FAQ at the "tree" they've arranged at the bottom.
Grab a copy!

You will need the newton connection KIT software (not newton connection
UTILITIES, which is for the newer machines). It is available from a few
places on the web, http://eddie.cis.uoguelph.ca/~victor/newton/index.shtml
and click on "newtoncage" for one (you can connect the Newt to your
desktop using the NCK for either Mac or Win95 platforms, although if you
have a fancy speedy Win95 desktop, you have to run some additional
software to talk to the Newton).

There are 3-4 good Newton "news" sites, but mostly they deal with the
newer machines, and even then mostly the MP2000 series. Your newton has
version 1.x of the NewtonOS (NOS), and the newer machines have version
The best resource for my MP100 was that "old" FAQ (all 233k of it, a
pretty detailed resource), and the archives of older Newton software
available from AMUG (ftp.amug.org) and info-mac ftp sites. Several
software authors still have details and versions of their 1.x compatible
utilities, see www.standalone.com for one such author. www.newts.com

Handwriting recognition (HWR) on the 1.x machiens is a little tricky, but
doable. You can also install a program called Graffiti, which is an older
version of the HWR engine that Palms use, and that is what I think you wil
have to do if you want to use it for serious notetaking. You can download
Graffiti for 1.x from the newtoncage sites. You will also want to find it
a FLASH RAM card if it doesn't come with one, you need a linear FLASH RAM
of 4 megs or smaller, not the cheaper ATA RAM cards that are common now.

There's a bit more to know, but while you will find a few limits on what
the MP100 can do for you, it's certainly still useable. Don't expect to
do web browsing via PPP, and emailing is a little tricky unless you use a
unix shell account via vt100 terminal program, or AOL.

Have fun learning about it! My OMP, purchased used, was the start of an


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