Re: NTLK Compra de una MP 2100...(I no speak english)...

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 10:41:13 EST

Gary Moody wrote:

> By the way, Claudio, since you do not speak English but are writing to an
> english speaking listserv, you might want to use the AltaVista Translation
> facility at to translate
> your letters to english to send to the group, and then use the same facility
> to translate the replies back to Spanish.
> This is what I did to respond to your email.

I don't know if somebody else noticed, but I'm really amazed by the effort Gary
put to answer that person, don't you think? I mean, he took the spanish text,
moved it to the AltaVista translator, got it translated, wrote his answer, moved
it to the translator again, got back the translation and built his message.

Wow! If someone wans't convinced that there are really helpful people on this
list, this should serve as an example!

Way to go, Gary!

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