Re: NTLK Charger for MP130 *** DANGER ****

From: Sunder (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 14:21:17 EST

BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WITH THESE!!! I find most Rat Shack (Archer, Tandy,
et al are Radio Shack) as well as Coby and a bunch of other universal
AC/DC adapters don't really put out what they say they do on the label!

i.e. using a digital volt meter I measured most of these to spit out over
8V when they say 7.5, and over 6.5 when set to 6, etc. This can cause
damage to your Newt if you're not careful!

OTOH, the Apple chargers always read 7.0V, so I know it's not my meter at
fault here. I'd say use the 6V setting and keep your Newt alive!

Again as cautioned here below, it's vital that the tip is positive! :)
Get that wrong and you've got a very expensive paper weight....

The tip you need is a Sony one. These have a yellow plastic insulator on
the tip, but rather than looking like two concentric circles, they look
like a yellow plastic circle with a pair of metal straight lines through
it when you look down the barrel:

     ________ yellow ________
    / ____ \<-plastic / ____ \
   | / \ | | / \ |
   |--| |--|<--metal | | * | | <--- all metal.
   | \____/ | only on | \____/ | (or mostly metal)
    \________/ lines \________/

     Sony Plug Non-Sony Plug

Sorry for the poor ASCII art...

The non Sony plug doesn't have that yellowish core on the inside, it's got
a solid metal ring.

If you find a non-Sony plug that seems to be the right size and fits in
your Newt, chanses are it will not work at all. This is because the inner
metal part of the barrel won't touch the Newt's pin.

* To get around this, stuff a little bit of aluminum foil down the barrel
and it'll work just fine.

Just be careful not to throw too much in there or you'll short your power

Leland Jory wrote:
> I'm using an Archer Universal AC/DC Adaptor with no problem. Any 7.5V
> adapter should do the trick, just make sure you pick up a universal one
> changeable tips. This will guarantee that you'll be able to use it on
> newts. Also, be VERY careful about polarity. On my adapter, the polarity
> determined by which way the tip is put on. Make sure you set polarity to
> center (tip) positive.
> Just my $0.02CDN

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