Re: NTLK 802.11 and Newton Wireless Connectivity Tested!

From: Stacey Tenen (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 07:35:53 EST

>>On 1/20/2000 1:42 PM, Stacey Tenen []
>> >Hello Everyone -
>> >
>> >I recently purchased a Proxim RangeLAN802 PC Card to see if the card
>> >would work properly in a Newton using Proxim's RangeLAN2 driver for
>> >the Newt. Visit the Newted Community for an update on our progress!
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Regards,
>> >Stacey Tenen
>> >Sysop of the Newted Community
>> >
>> >
>Stacey -
>Sorry to hear it didn't work. Victor Rehorst mentioned to me that the
>Newton drivers would probably take an ID string hack to work, the same
>way the Farallon drivers do in order to work with other 3COM cards.
>I'd suggest coordinating with him on the hack, or perhaps whoever made
>the 3COM card hack. I don't have an AirPort but have been meaning to
>get one and a PCMCIA card for my PowerBook. Do you know if Proxim has
>Mac drivers? Does the proxim card work at 11Mbps or 2Mbps?
> -Bill

Yes - he mentioned the ID string in an email to me as well, but I
don't have the tools/expertise to make the change. It seems a simple
task and that's why I put a whole mess of links in the article asking
for someone to take a look at the code. I really hope someone takes
me up on it.

Stacey Tenen
Sysop of the Newted Community
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