NTLK Newt problems

From: Glenn Roe (myhome@cwnet.com)
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 02:51:08 EST

Hi Fellow Newton Faithful!
    I'm having a couple of annoying problems with my personal MP2100
that I'm not having any luck correcting.
1. I can't file anything in notes. When I go through the motions of
filing into any folder it indicates that the item is filed where I want
in the dialog box, but everything stays in the unfiled folder.
2. In dates the popup that used to access different views and said
"SHOW" is now stuck on today.
3. I'm having problems powering on & off. When I turn on with the power
switch the screen comes on as normal, and then the Newton goes
immediately back to sleep. It's getting to be that I have to turn it on
3-4 times to get it to stay on. When I try to put it to sleep by the
switch it won't go off until I push it several times.

    I tried a hard reset after backing up to my Pretec 32mb card. When I
first restored the powering on and off problems were better for a few
days, but now they seem worse. I also tried deleting problem items with
both SBM utilities and Newt Tools. I have had the Notes filing problem
for awhile, but the others are new.
    Thanks in advance for any and all assistance anyone can offer.

Glenn Roe
"Caregiver to 7 MP2X00s and 2 emates"

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