Re: NTLK Sending mails thru LunaSuite Pro

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 05:04:39 EST

Peter Edwardsson schrieb:
> "Inet SMTP
> Sorry, Generic error
> (Error= -2)
> Requested action aborted"
> Have I done anything wrong or missed anything at the setup, or is it
> LunaSuite Pro that is full of small bugs, that it is not possible to
> send mails?
Normally LS is relatively lean on bugs and your error msg has very
probably to do with your settings. I had this error too, but it was when
I tried the wrong SMTP host or when anti-spamming was activated.

> May I switch to SimpleMail instead?
You should try to erase all of your HTTP, Internet, and IO-related
soups, if you are sure that there is no more valuable content. And be
sure about the right AppleTalk settings. LunaSuite allows different
settings for different work sites and you might need to delete some
settings for the work site which has the error messages.


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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