NTLK NOS 2.1 Find

From: mmidgley@my-Deja.com
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 10:56:50 EST

When performing a find on my NOS 2.1 (717260) 2100, all currently open apps (besides the blessed app) are closed when the desired object is located, and only the app in which the item was found remains open. Is there an option to disable this, either built-in or via 3rd party package? (or by soup editing?)

For instance, I have PocketQuicken open and I'm entering in a big batch of transactions. I remember I need to call someone, so I open Names and do a find. The Newton quickly finds the name, but decides that I don't really need PQ open anymore. That is a very poor assumption. My only guess is that NOS is trying to save heap for large searches (like if you picked "Everywhere"). So I guess I would like to compromise like this: Only close other open apps if heap is getting below a fixed value.


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