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From: Khaled M. Z. Tewfik (khaledt@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 16:05:21 EST

Hi to all,
I do not often visit smaller.com (was Newton Under Ground). I only pop there if I had time to check there Newton discussion board.

This time I noticed the following in their Talk index page:

Total posts on Palm OS general discussion: 371

Posts on Psion general discussion: 180

Posts on Windows CE general discussion: 107

Posts on Windows CE H/PC discussion 191

Posts on Windows CE P/PC discussion 2255

Posts on Clio Zone 2413

Intrigued with the significant numbers of posts on the Clio Zone and Windows CE P/PC I checked them out and the following number of posts over the post 5 days :

Recent posts on Windows CE P/PC discussion: 6

Recent posts on Clio Zone: 3

Now all of that is leading somewhere, here is the punch line:

Total posts on Newton General discussion: 4808

Posts on Newton gesturelaunch: 56

Posts on Developer under ground: 201

I then preceded to the Newton board and found 20 posts over the post 5 days with an average of 6 opinions per post.

I concluded that the majority of traffic (site hits) on the smaller.com is by Newton users, Yet, ironically, smaller.com chose to ignore the Newton community all together (...and considering that they started as a Newton only site... siegh), Newton OS is not an option if you wanted to register with them and they simply ignore it all together from their news and commentary.

I will no longer visit smaller.com site.

Dr. Khaled M. Tewfik,
Saudi Arabia

\\ /,
'( Newton Technology

(Sent from an Apple Newton MP2100)

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