Re: NTLK FreeWwweb setup

From: Kenneth Wong (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 22:37:05 EST

Could you email the Internet Setup details to me? It appears that I have
only one chance to make it good, cos I'm not going to have NewtonTalk
support when I touch down in Newark due to lack of a working ISP.

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>Any idea how I can set up my FreeWWW account on my Newton? I'll be
>Philadelphia from 30 Jan to 10 Feb and would like to access my email.
I was up way to late after setting up my freewwweb account.
Got it working with my desktop (to be replaced with a new imac today
dah do dah)
Then I got it working on my Newton. ACtually was running NPDS server
last night. Then Newtscape had no problem using it for scheduled download of
Yahoo text based news headlines. I havent tried eudora or simple mail yet.
But I did nothing special at all, no scripts or anything just the correct
info in the NIE setup.


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