NTLK Importing Newton backup files?

From: Rich Fletcher (rich@ucsd.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 13:53:03 EST

Hi, guys.

I've got some backup files from my old (stolen--*sniff!*) MP110: notes,
names, and the like, and I'd like to either view them on my mac or transfer
them back to my current newt (2100). Unfortunately, I'm lead to believe
that a restore will overwrite the current information on my newt and
replace it with this older copy, which would be bad. I've got the
data--how can I use it?

Another question: I save many email messages--probably far more than I
should. In any case, it's far too many to have in the newt, too. Is there
a way to easily "drag and drop" email over to the newt (directions, etc)?
I'd ideally like to use this with Outlook (PC) and Eudora (mac). I know
Xport (IIRC) does something similar, but probably not this--or does it?

Anyone heard from Scrawlsoft lately? I'd like to buy YAZI, but I want the
abilities that only the beta has (more zfile formats), but I'm a little
leary of buying beta software (will it work?). To make it more
interesting, I've been checking their website for some time now, and I
don't think they're updated at least the YAZI info in well over a year.

I still love my Newton, but I wish that developers would release their
products/code before they dissappear into obscurity/nonsupport. Buying is
fine, but not being able to get a product that exists for any amount is
frustrating. No, I haven't had to do much of this--but I expect to.

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