Re: NTLK HOW? removing programs.

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 15:01:14 EST

on 25-01-2000 3:33, Robert Gray at wrote:

> This may be a total newby question, but then I just got a Newton 110
> 2 days ago. I love it. I got the NCK2 up and running OK (no
> manual), and did the Newton OS 1.3 upgrade. I also installed
> Mahjongg.

I'm curious what you mean with "did the Newton OS 1.3 upgrade" suppose you
mean that you installed the latest system (softeware) upgrade, seem to
remember that my 110 only came in the 1.3 flavor at the time.

> Now I would like to un-install Mahjong????? I can't figure out
> how??? Help (please)!!

Tap on Extra's and scrub the icon of Mahjong (the same icon that you tap to
launch the game with the same scrubbing motion that you use to erase text:
For manuals you can go to and
enter Newton, you'll find a long list of manuals, the manual for the Newton
Connection Kit as there as well.

Robert Benschop

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