RE: NTLK HOW? removing programs.

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 00:24:52 EST

Hi Robert,

Okay, on an MP110, in the middle of the silkscreened button bar at the
bottom of the screen, there is an up arrow and below it is a down arrow.
Between them is a black dot. The Dot is the overview button. The overview
button toggles the list and icon views.

Open Extras. You will get an icon view. Tap the overview button in the
button bar (it's not in the Extras drawer, but below that)...and wait. In a
few seconds, the view will change from an icon view to a list view. Find
the Majongg entry. Just to the left of the entry is a little box. Tap the
box. A little checkmark will appear.

At the bottom of the list view to the right should be small envelope icon
called the Routing icon (if it's not there, look's on the screen
in the Extras view *someplace*). Tap the envelope icon. A pop-up menu will
appear, which includes the menu selection "Delete". Tap the "Delete" menu
selection. The Newton may display a dialog screen asking if you're sure you
want to delete the package. Tap the "Yes" button. The Majongg entry should
disappear in a couple of seconds.

Tap the Dot (overview button) again. The view should change back to the
icon view. The Majongg icon should be gone. Tap the "x" box to close
Extras. You're done!

This is the method that Donna wrote about, but she used the description of
the MP2X00 button bar, rather than the MP1X0 button bar. The MP1X0 button
bar is silkscreened at the bottom of the screen and the arrows and overview
button are in a different place (the center of the button bar with the
overview button between the arrows) than the MP2X00s are (to the right-hand
side of the button bar with the overview dot just to the left of the

The method that Betty described is also used to highlight text for cutting
and pasting.

In this technique, you put the tip of the stylus not on the icon to be
removed, but between the icons. You hold the stylus down for a couple of
seconds. If the sound is on, there will be a small squeak, and the place
where your stylus is held down will change from a small point of digital ink
to a fat dot. Without lifting the stylus, draw a circle around the icon you
want to select. You will notice the line drawn is much fatter than the
normal digital ink line. Whn you complete the ciecle around the icon in
question, lift the stylus and the icon you circled will be highlighted
(generally a negative image of how it normally displays). At that point,
tap the routing icon (the little envelope) select delete, and the icon
should disappear. Done!

Geir's technique is a variant of Betty's. Instead of tapping and holding
the stylus down until you hear the squeak, the cursor changes from a small
point of digital ink to a fat dot, and you draw a circle around the icon you
want to select, this technique involves holding the stylus down on the icon
until you hear the squeak. When you lift the stylus, the icon should be
highlighted. Then delete via the routing button.

All of the above techniques are valid...all will work. If you are new to
the Newton, some of the description sound somewhat counter-intuitive. Just
follow the instructions exactly. Also, if you have not read the manual
thoroughly, do so. There is a wealth of information there that will help

Good luck, friend!



BTW: If you like Majongg, but don't care for Scrawl's version due to the
size, try Herb Otto's NewTiles. Much easier on the eyes in any lighting and
just as fun.

Also, unless you have access to a shell account, forget email on an MP110.
Not enough heap, slow, ugly, crashes a *lot*...not reliable. Not worth the
effort or frustration, even for "expert" Newton users. The MP120 isn't much
better. The 130 is okay, but marginal. If you want email, get an MP2X00 or
an eMate. My $.02.

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From: Robert Gray <>
Subject: RE: NTLK HOW? removing programs.
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 19:08:07 -0500

OK gang, thanks for the many attempts to help so far, but as yet
nothing works. Remember, I have an MP110 running NOS1.3...

Donna Dolezal Zelzer wrote:

>Try this:
>1, Switch from icon view to list view in Extras. (Just tap the
>little round button next to the arrows on the bottom right of the

I don't have this little round button!?!? My Extras drawer looks
exactly as described in the Newton manual (it is the NCK manual I
don't have) with the volume indicator, battery indicator and the
x-box, and nothing more. I don't seem to have any way to get at a
list view? Perhps there is some other problem here except that the
Extras drawer is as per manual and all basic info functions seem to
work. Hence I can't do the steps below.

>2. put a check box in the package you want to remove.
>3. tap on the little envelope icon and choose "Delete"
>4. I think a warning message comes up asking if you really want to
>do this. Double check to make sure you have the right one checked,
>and tap "yes"

Robert Benschop wrote:

>I'm curious what you mean with "did the Newton OS 1.3 upgrade" suppose you
>mean that you installed the latest system (softeware) upgrade, seem to
>remember that my 110 only came in the 1.3 flavor at the time.

This one came with 1.2, and I read somewhere that the Modem enabler
prefers to have 1.3 I'm hoping to do basic email on it.

>Tap on Extra's and scrub the icon of Mahjong (the same icon that you tap to
>launch the game with the same scrubbing motion that you use to erase text:

I have now tried this what seems like a million times to no avail -
the best that ever happens is that Mahjongg opens (which is beginning
to drive me nuts). I've got the 'scrubbing' of text etc. worked out
so I think I have this 'touch'.

>For manuals you can go to and
>enter Newton, you'll find a long list of manuals, the manual for the Newton
>Connection Kit as there as well.

Thanks for this.

Betty wrote:

>I have a U2100 so I'm not sure how applicable this is. Hold your stylus
>next to the icon of Mahjong until a big dot appears. Without lifting your
>stylus, draw a square around the Mahjong icon. When you release your
>stylus, the Mahjong icon should be highlighted. Now go to your toolbox and
>select the one that looks like an envelope. Select delete and Mahjong
>should be deleted. Let me know if it works.

Sorry, but no..... I tried about 100 times to get the dot and
square, but there is no 'toolbox' in this OS version.

Geir wrote:

>Have you tried to press lightly on the mahjong icon. You should hear a beep
>and the icon will be high lighted. When this is done click on the small
>"letter" icon on the bottom right side of the screen (the right one)choose
>delete from the pop up menu.

Nothing lke this happens on my Newton 110??????

I am getting more than a little frustrated. I can make Macs dance
but this is eluding me. I have that nasty suspicion that I am
missing some tiny piece of the puzzle.

And worst, the Mahjongg thing is still there! I like the game
(Shanghai is a staple on my Macs) but it is too small for my eyes on
Newton,besides I am triying to reserve space to work out an email


TTFN, eh!
Robert Gray
"not all those who wander are lost" JRR Tolkien

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