NTLK Newton Press problems...

From: John I. Clark (jiclark@independence.net)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 00:57:17 EST


I'm writing to try and help the good folks at InterText.com (online
fiction) figure out their problem translating their 'zine to a Newton
Book. Some of you may have seen it.

Well, a gentleman named Peter Jones <Peter.Jones@comsat.com> has been
voluntarily doing the translating for the last couple of years, until
now anyway. I'll let him explain the problem:

> Starting with ITv9n6, Newton Press stopped being able to import data.
> Don't know why, frankly, and it has me stumped. I've worked all the
> options and changes which I thought could be the problem but to no
> Routinely, I take the ASCII text version of InterText which Jason
> me, and import it into MS-Word. I then reformat into the appropriate
> typeface and fonts, remove extraneous carriage returns, add bolds and
> underlines as appropriate, and save as Word 6.0/95 format. Then I
> this into Newton Press, make the Table of Contents, add a few page
> and check for overall appearance, and *bang* we're done! Whole
> depending on how many times my wife interrupts, takes about 2 hours.
> But starting with this last issue, I can't get it to work at all. NP
> chokes and pukes and will not accept the Word text, and quits.
> I've used this same process for several years (with the exception of
> upgrading from Word 4.2.1 to Word 98) and it works fine every time. To

> summarize what I've tried:
> o Loaded NP on two other Macs, tried again...same.
> o Tried to load issue as ASCII text...same.
> o Typed in a few paragraphs ... worked fine, but I don't have
> patience for that.
> o Saved issue as older version of Word (5.1) for Mac, tried
> again...same.
> I have no doubt that something is screwing up the process, but I don't

> know what.

So, if anyone has any ideas, drop him (or me) a note. I mentioned to him
that there are other options out there, other than NewtonPress. [I'm the
guy that was asking about the various versions of Newton Books last
week... I've downloaded Paperback and Newton Book Maker; I just haven't
had time to get myself some experience with any of them, and I don't
have a modem so I don't even have Newts Cape or the new plug-in to
translate Palm books. It sounds like that might be the best avenue...]
Let us know your thoughts!

As always, your help is much appreciated!

Thanks, John

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