NTLK talking Newton, TonePad, and other marvels

From: Steve Vander Ark (vderark@bccs.org)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 09:31:17 EST


I am agog, simply agog. (That's a reference from a show I was in a couple of
years ago...anyone recognize it?)

I have successfully installed both TonePad and the speech extensions on my
2100. This machine is absolutely unbvelievable! I am speechless, while my
Newton is definitely NOT speechless. It read me the email from my sister in
Unkraine. It read my to-do list (I put it in Bad News voice for that one). I
even had it read an article to me that I needed to review for one of my grad
classes (teachers never stop going to school).

I also downloaded the PowerPoint/EZShow package and now I can send
presentations to my Newton! If only it would show the slides full screen on
the Newton, all would be perfection. And if I could accurately send an
outline from the Notepad to Word so that I could actually CREATE my
presentations on my Newton, that would be ideal, since so often I begin
projects sitting around, Newton in hand, "thinking in digital ink."

Speaking of "thinking in digital ink," that package to format the outline is
incredible. How could I live without that? It makes my outlines so much more

So...now that I have the perfect hand-held computer, what's next? What
marvels await me? How have people used that speech capability, for example?
I remember recent mentions of "talking alarms." What other innovations are
coming for this dead platform? Might we actually see wireless capabilities
soon? Will I someday find the perfect case for this thing that will hold the
keyboard, modem, and dongle along with the Newton?

I feel like Galileo peering through the telescope and discovering a whole
new universe!

Steve Vander Ark
Library Media Specialist
Byron Center Christian School
Byron Center, Michigan

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