Re: NTLK Battary Storage

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 11:12:23 EST

I have a new MP2000 rechargeable battery that I used for 3 weeks. I then got a used one (it only works for about 6 hours, then I must recharge). I want to store the newer battery and me the older one till it work no mere. what is the but strategy to maximize my gains:

1-Fully charge the new battery then store it and use the old battery till it works no more.

2-Fully drain the new battery then store it and use the old battery till it works no more.

3-Use both altenatly (by weekly or monthly).

Thanks a 1000

Dr. Khaled M. Tewfik,
Saudi Arabia
I would suggest No. 3. But alternate after every charge/discharge cycle. This is because storing charged batteries will still cause it to discharge slowly. Batteries that goes into storage should always be fully charged first.

No. 2 would be an option too if you think you can recondition your old battery. But fully charge your good battery to store while letting the used battery fully discharge and trickle charge for about 3 cycles. Note to see if this will improve it's performance. If not, this battery is probably at the end of its life.

Kenny Song
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