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From: Peter O'Keefe (pokeefe1@ic3.ithaca.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 11:34:12 EST

Hey. I just wanted to let you all know that I am looking to find a machine
that is different from the newton in one simple feature: Screen Size.

I have found one--but I'm not all too sure if it is better---I will be
waiting until it actually comes in and then I will compare.

It is an IBM Thinkpad 730T. It has a 9.5" back lit transreflective
display, 16megs of ram(max 20), with a 105meg hard drive(I'll be upgrading
that!) And it runs just about any PC operating system. The Pen Services
DLLs from IBM offer handwriting recognition. The pen and digitizer are the
same as a Wacom Tablet(in fact Wacom made the part). This means the pen
needs batteries, probably. The two PCMCIA Type III/II/I Slots look very
useful, considering my main machine is also a laptop. It is a tablet, but
with a footprint similar to the size of a piece of paper. It appears
similar to the prototype tablet newton that I saw somewhere on a web page,
but without the tethered pen.

The trouble with my newton 2000 is that the screen is still too small. I
use my newton to take notes, but I've been having problems because I need
to write very small to fit all my notes in. The pen on the newton is not
accurate enough to do such small work. With a 9.5" Screen that is 640X480
resolution, I hope to be able to simulate the feel of a full sized piece of
paper. The screen is glass and it is textured as well on the 730T.
Plus, the 730T is supposed to use a white backlight instead of a green
one. Supposedly it is able to produce a page white color.

I will keep you all informed as to how it works out, and if indeed there is
a benefit at all.

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