NTLK Thoughts on BackTalk, NCU, NIE

From: Bill Moser (guillermo1967@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 12:00:43 EST

For those interested...the IrObEx protocol is mainly for beaming business
cards back and forth. The exciting thing is that the stack supports TinyTP
now, which is the backbone protocol for all the advanced ones (ObEx, IrCOMM,
IrLan, Ir-Tran-P).

I think that NCU would require IrCOMM to work on a Windows machine. There's
also the small problem of getting the Dock application to use this new
stack, rather than the built-in beaming tool. (Who wrote the FastSerial
plugin for Dock?) On a Mac, the problem is NCU itself. I can start trying to
hack that again...maybe it will make sense this time.

I had a look at the Newton Internet Enabler 2.0 documentation, and it looks
as though NIE could be hacked to run through the Infrared port, if a
suitable driver were created (right now there's the Modem & Serial Module,
etc). I hacked the Internet Setup soup with SoupKitchen, and it at least
started looking for an IR driver. How this would patch into the BackTalk
stack, I have no idea. But if an IR cell phone just acts like a phone line,
and relies on the PDA to do the modem work, a hack might be
possible...anyone care to try? Lantern DDK owners?

Finally, one word for those who want to encourage development on this:
REGISTER. Buy this baby. Licensing an IR stack is pricey, and anyone who
would do the development on it with the current Newton OS situation deserves
all the return he can get.

My $0.02
Bill M.
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