Re: NTLK Time Trax?

From: Leland Jory (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 17:23:15 EST

> Hello,
> Has anyone out there tried TimeTrax?
> It seems a bit expensive, but I have not tested it.
> Thanks,
> Josh

Yes, I've tried the demo. It's ok, if all you want is an electronic "paper"
organizer. Keep in mind, it has no linking abilities (i.e. to link names to
appointments, etc...).

I personally use DateMan (from Stand Alone). I tried TimeTrax, MoreInfo, and
DateMan before I made my decision. MoreInfo is good (possibly better in some
respects than DateMan), but it was almost TOO powerful and was certainly too

DateMan seems like the best bang for the buck. BTW, I don't work for Stand
Alone, nor do I receive kickbacks (yet ;{)> ).

Just my $0.02CDN

Leland Jory
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