NTLK [Fwd: Does Digital Ocean actually exist?]

From: James L. Johnson Jr. (jimjohnson@mac.com)
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 01:20:47 EST

Dr. Newton:

(From comp.sys.newton.misc) Do you exist?


B|rre Ludvigsen wrote:
> On page http://www.lucent.com/press/0596/960522.nsa.html at the bottom:
> Digital Ocean develops and manufactures a complete line of wireless
> products that support Macintosh® and Newton MessagePad® environments
> through the company's Starfish[tm] II Ethernet Access Point. The end
> stations products, called Manta[tm] and Grouper[tm], can be configured to
> interoperate with Lucent Technologies' WavePOINT and Digital's RoamAbout
> access points. Digital Ocean's wireless LAN family includes MicroCellular
> roaming, radio diagnostics and site survey software, network
> administrator's software and optional security features. Digital Ocean
> also produces a family of rugged hand-held computers, based on the Newton
> platform, that offer a variety of communication options for in-building
> and remote applications.
> Both the wireless and "a family of rugged hand-held computers.." are
> interesting news, but there is now way I can find the URL
> www.digitalocean.com. Has anyone else had any luck?
> - Barre Ludvigsen


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