NTLK Help: To Do List errors...-48205 and -48204... DateMan problem?

From: Drew Loker (lokerd@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 13:24:35 EST

I tried to create a new to do, and I got an error -48204. After the error is
display and cleared, the is a message on the screen that it is trying to
open a slip. This was just in the plan dates slip, not any special program.
Further discovery lead to other problems. At the bottom of the list, several
of the times were duplicated with just an exclimation point...no text.
Clicking on the items bullet, brought up the actual item ok. Close the slip,
and the mesed up display is still there. Also strange is that if while the
tag "opening TO DO slip" was still frozen into the background, if I clicked
on the New button again, it comes up with a New To DO item just like it is
supposed to, and the frozen message disappears.

I suspected DateMan (StandAlone Software) and tried doing the same from
there and it worked. But, even when I removed DateMan, although I can now
create a New To DO item with out the error, I am getting an additional
error, -48205. I have frozen most of my extension (at least all the
"optional" extensions to no avail.

I am going to contact Ben with SAS, but I was curious if anybody has
experienced this problem.

THanks for any feedback.

BTW, I am using a 2100 and have mostly only SAS software installed.

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