Re: Re: NTLK USB Adapter Choices

From: markr13 (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 15:46:17 EST

>Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:06:22 -0800
>From: Betty <>
>Subject: Re: NTLK USB Adapter Choices
>Good question! How about the iDock? I just got an iMac, too. I don't
>need the serial because I have one of the Farallon ethernet cards on order
>but I don't mind having one. Any users who can comment?

We use an iDock and it usually works well. Occasionally it suffers from
the USB "dead hookup" problem where the drivers seem to loose a device.
The simple answer is to plug and unplug the USB cable to get it back.
Occasionally, a port will become locked and you need to restart to get it
back. In all, a workable solution. Be sure you have the latest drivers
for it though.

Mark Ross

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