Re: NTLK More Docking Station Info

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 02:00:12 EST

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Gary Moody wrote:

> Well, after looking at your sketch and accompanying text...Rosetta amazes me
> even more! :) Just kidding...

You should see me during class... I have a terrible habit of starting
10+ letter CompSci terms halfway across the screen, so by the time I reach
the edge I'm writing three letters on top of each other. I really think
alt.rec... has been helping a lot. Thanks, Paul!

> Neat idea, the implementation of the second serial port using the LTC1323
> will be interesting. AFAIK, there is no OS support for the second serial
> port, although provisions were made in the hardware to set something up in
> the future. How are you dealing with that issue?

I've heard conflicting reports on that.... Quoting from the Newton
Interconnect Port Spec, page 4 (copy available at Newton Resources of

"Serial Channel 3 can be accessed through communication endpoints using
the standard Newton Serial Tool, AppleTalk Tool and Modem Tool. This
section assumes that you are already familiar with the Newton Operating
System's communication architecture. See the /Newton Programmer's Guide:
Communications/ for an explanation of how to access Channel 3."

That was pretty convincing for me :) OTOH, I don't think anyone has every
built the proper hardware onto channel 3, so I guess we'll just have to
wait and see :)

> Are you planning a small IC driven audio preamp for the line-in port? Are
> you planning any type of audio amp for the line out? What will the case
> look like?

I honestly hadn't thought about that. I suppose it could be done. An amp
for the line out would be nice to listen to those MODs with headphones, or
recieving NPDS Web*Pager messages using MacInTalk.

As for the case... well, let me see if I can just build the electronics
first :) The first prototype case would probably be built out of a DDS
tape case (if you don't know how big that is, I guess I could take a
picture of one) since it is just about the perfect size. (If any of the
2000+ Newton users out there has access to some kind of plastic molding
machinery, PLEASE CONTACT ME - I just need to ask you a few questions.)

> I know...questions, questions...but inquiring minds...more like cats and
> curiosity :)

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